Available courses

This course includes materials and conversations of the Doctoral Colloquium that will take place in summer 2022 in Osijek, Almaty and online.

This section provides resources for the process of thinking through an idea for a possible doctoral dissertation to planning its contents to, finally, completing the text of the dissertation. An important part of the section is dedicated to the development of a research proposal.

The section provides links to electronic resources that will be useful in the preparation of a doctoral dissertation: ebooks, e-journals and dissertations, in English and in Central Eastern European languages.

The course provides resources for various questions about methodology in a doctoral dissertation. You will find resources on theological method, missiological and practical theology research, methods in historical research, on qualitative and quantitative research methods. Practical questions, such as conducting interviews, coding in qualitative research and useful software are addressed beside questions of worldview in research, of academic rigor and ethical responsibility.

Writing in theology and specifics of academic writing, including the preparation of a literature review, are addressed. You will find presentations on methodologies and software for writing as well as reference management software.

The course contains materials on various topics that become important after you complete your PhD. For example, you can help others to complete their doctoral journey (see Mentors Training). You will continue academic activities, so topics such as Research project management, Grant proposal writing and reporting and, possibly, even Journal editing might be interesting for you. As a PhD graduate, you will probably be involved in Academic management and Academic governance, so materials related to these topics will also be included.

The section provides an overview and an introduction to all other sections related to the Doctoral Colloquium. Go here first to understand what is available for you on this site.

This course includes materials for and conversations of the ODC to take place in winter 2022, online and at various satellite centers.

This course includes materials and conversations of the ODC to take place in summer 2021, online and at satellite centers.

The course preserves the materials and conversations of the online colloquium of 2020.